Gordon appointed to state’s Juvenile Justice Policy and Oversight Committee

Connecticut State Representative Toni Walker has appointed Derrick M. Gordon, Ph.D., as a child/youth advocate on the state’s Juvenile Justice Policy and Oversight Committee (JJPOC). Gordon is an assistant professor of psychiatry in the department’s Psychology Section and Division of Prevention and Community Research. He is the director of Research, Policy, and Program on Male Development at The Consultation Center, a community outreach organization. 

The mission of JJPOC is to evaluate the juvenile justice system in the State of Connecticut as well as the expansion of juvenile jurisdiction to include 16- and 17-year-olds. 

An email from Representative Walker’s office said, “Walker believes that given [Gordon’s] professional background and knowledge, he would be an excellent addition to the committee.” Walker is a co-chair of the committee. 

"I am honored to be a part of this important group of individuals who are working to address the unique needs of Connecticut’s most vulnerable and ’at risk‘ young people,” said Gordon. “The ultimate goal is to ensure that all of our citizens are afforded the opportunity to live healthy and productive lives, especially after they have made or are impacted by negative choices that resulted in their commitment to the child welfare and or juvenile justice systems." 

The bill that created the 35-member JJPOC requires the submission of reports and recommendations to improve juvenile justice outcomes to various legislative committees and to the Office of Policy Management secretary.

This article was submitted by Shane Seger on October 1, 2014.