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Yale Imaging and Psychopharmacology Lab Publishes Articles in Molecular Psychiatry, Biological Psychiatry CNNI

November 14, 2019

Yale School of Medicine's Yale Imaging and Psychopharmacology Lab, directed by neuroscientist Sarah Yip, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and in the Child Study Center, has published research articles in Molecular Psychiatry and Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging (CNNI).

The title of the Molecular Psychiatry article is, "Dissociable Neural Substrates of Opioid and Cocaine Use Identified Via Connectome-Based Modelling." Sarah D. Lichenstein, PhD, was the first author. Other authors were Dustin Scheinost, PhD; Marc Potenza, MD, PhD; Kathleen Carroll, PhD, and Yip.

In Biological Psychiatry CNNI, the lab published, "Toward Addiction Prediction: An Overview of Cross-Validated Predictive Modeling Findings and Considerations for Future Neuroimaging Research." Yip was the first author. Other authors were Brian Kiluk, PhD, and Scheinost.

Submitted by Christopher Gardner on November 13, 2019