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Become Your Child’s Sleep Coach: The Bedtime Doctor’s 5-Step Guide, Ages 3-10

September 03, 2019

Lynelle Schneeberg, assistant professor of clinical psychiatry

(Da Capo Lifelong Books)

While there are plenty of resources available to establish healthy sleeping patterns for babies and toddlers, there’s very little guidance for parents who want to help their preschool and elementary school children sleep well. However, parents can be effective sleep coaches for their children once they know what to do. “Become Your Child’s Sleep Coach” strives to meet that need by giving parents a simple plan to coach their children to be successful sleepers, as well as methods to deal with bedwetting, sleepwalking, night terrors, and other sleep issues.

The five-step plan shows how to: prepare a child’s bedroom for successful sleep; use the “5B Bedtime Routine” every night; teach the child to self-comfort as parents work their way out of the room; limit “callbacks and curtain calls”; and manage night and early morning wakings.

Submitted by Julie Parry on September 03, 2019