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The Core of the MOMS Partnership®

The MOMS Partnership® offers four key interventions:

We provide these services in convenient locations in neighborhoods where our participants live - places such as grocery stores, shelters, community colleges, libraries, and Head Start and Early Head Start programs, where we also conduct outreach and enrollment. Unlike many other social services, the MOMS Partnership reaches people in their own communities on their own terms.

At these neighborhood hubs, we also provide participants with resources like free diapers and shampoo to cover basic needs and connects moms with social services and government benefits for which they are eligible.

Partnerships with government agencies allow us to follow outcomes for participating families, including school attendance for example. This feedback is coupled by regular feedback from participants, who help fine tune the program for future cohorts.

Participants experience empathy in the form of connection with other moms in the group settings of the interventions delivered by a licensed clinician and a Community Mental Health Ambassador, a local mom who can culturally and emotionally accompany moms on their journeys to improved well-being.

Participants can also access MoMba®, the MOMS Partnership mobile app that fosters community and rewards moms for putting their skills into action by awarding points for activities that can be redeemed for gift cards.

Download the MOMS Partnership Overview.


MOMS Testimonials

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MOMS Partnership® Theory of Change

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Characteristics at Enrollment of Moms Served

  • 73% experience severe depressive symptoms
  • Have an annual income at or below 250% FPL
  • Read on average at the 5th grade level

Costs of the MOMS Partnership®

Before any Medicaid reimbursement, annual costs to serve 1,040 women who enroll in all four interventions may cost as little as approximately $2 million - or under $2,000 per woman. These figures do not include any technical assistance or training from Yale. Still, coupled with the outcomes achieved, these figures position the MOMS Partnership as one of the most cost-effective interventions available for over-burdened, under-resourced women with children.