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Connecting new mothers in New Haven

New mothers may feel socially isolated after giving birth, thereby making it more difficult to form a healthy mother-infant bond with their baby. MoMba® is a social media application that connects new mothers locally to promote healthy mother-infant interaction, social connectedness, and community engagement. "MoMba Moms" who utilize this application build sustainable support systems and gain exposure to the wealth of local resources by simply interacting with MoMba.

MoMba® Live Long

Helping mothers quit smoking in New Haven

While many women are able to quit smoking during pregnancy, many start smoking again after delivery. One of the most effective methods to assist women in remaining abstinent in the postpartum period is contingency management (CM). CM is the provision of financial or other incentives to people for remaining abstinent. MoMba® Live Long is a smartphone application that uses both CM and social media to help “MoMba Moms” support each other as they work to quit smoking for good!

Momba Live Long Video

Momba Live Long Video

MoMba Live Long Introductory Video