Mental health Outreach for MotherS (MOMS) Partnership™


Depression is hard. But it doesn't have to last forever. We help women who have struggled because every mother matters.

The MOMS Partnership™ is a program that has successfully reduced depressive symptoms among over-burdened, under-resourced pregnant women, moms, and other adult female caregivers in a family. Launched in New Haven, the MOMS Partnership™ brings mental health within reach of women, literally meeting them where they are.

With implementation costs that can total as little as $2,000 for each woman served, we are proud to partner with women to generate real results in their lives. Among the results of past evaluations:

  • 78% of MOMS participants complete the program compared to average of 30% nationally of a similar population who adhere to their mental health treatment.
  • 76% of MOMS participants experience a decrease in depressive symptoms from beginning to end of the MOMS program. Of those experiencing a decrease, the average participant experienced a 48% drop in depressive symptoms.
  • MOMS participants have a 67% decrease in parenting stress from beginning to end of the MOMS program.
  • Children of MOMS participants attend 6 more days of school per year compared to children of non-participants.

It is a privilege to partner with the women we serve.

The Latest From Moms

New Policy Proposals Emerge for Reducing Diaper Need
May 18, 2018

The MOMS Partnership™ and the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) would like to congratulate Nappy Time, the Health Challenge Hackathon team, for winning the Grand Prize at the first MIT Policy Hackathon! We’d also like to give a big round of applause to all of the Health Track participants for the empathy, enthusiasm, and creativity that they brought to our challenge.

The Nappy Time team, which also took first place in the Health Challenge, was awarded both top prizes for their innovative three-program solution to our challenge, which asked Health Track hackers to consider whether there are alternative policy approaches to providing child care that would help reduce or eliminate diaper need, a very real problem that affects 1 in 3 families in the U.S. Nappy Time's winning policy recommendation to the State of Connecticut is to build state-specific evidence by implementing, and monitoring the effectiveness of, three pilot programs each of which focuses on reducing diaper need among a different population with children age 3 and under: a supplemental insurance coverage program that provides a diaper reimbursement to CT State employees; a Medicaid Demonstration Waiver program that provides a diaper reimbursement to Medicaid and CHIP enrollees, and a diaper distribution program that ties child care center licensure to the provision of diapers, purchased at a bulk rate, to parents. We look forward to thinking with NDBN about how Nappy Time's policy solutions can be integrated into our on-going diaper need policy work.

Thank you to @policyhackathon and @mitidss for giving us the opportunity to be a Challenge sponsor. #data2decisions, #diaperneed, @MomsPartnership, @policyhackathon, @mitidss, @diapernetwork, @YalePsych.

MOMS Partnership™ advances to finalist round for prestigious early childhood innovation prize
April 30, 2018

MOMS Partnership™ is deeply honored to have been recently named a finalist in the OpenIDEO Competition for an Early Childhood Innovation Prize, offered in partnership with Gary Community Investments. The organization's proposal to enhance MoMba™, the mobile app of the MOMS Partnership™, was selected as one of 99 finalists among 568 candidates. If funded, the organization will be able to develop an enhanced mobile app whose GPS coordinates will prompt offline supports and treatment if necessary for low-income women if they are experiencing social isolation, flagged by lack of movement over 48 hours. Winners of the competition are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

MOMS Headed to DC!
April 18, 2018

The MOMS Partnership™ is expanding and headed next to Washington, DC! We are pleased to announce an official collaboration with the DC Department of Human Services to replicate MOMS through the DC welfare (TANF, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) program. Women in the District will be able to participate in MOMS’ services by early 2019. United in our focus on two-generation approaches to support the whole family, we look forward to working with the DC Department of Human Services to help mothers and their children flourish in their daily lives.

MOMS Partnership™ a challenge sponsor of MIT Policy Hackathon
April 5, 2018

The MOMS Partnership™ and partner organization, National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN), have been selected to serve as a Challenge Sponsor of the MIT Policy Hackathon: Data to Decisions, a 48-hour event that will take place on the MIT Campus in Cambridge, MA on April 6-8, 2018. The MIT Policy Hackathon is a new, student-led initiative that will convene participants from different fields into interdisciplinary teams that will use robust data analytics and domain knowledge to develop creative policy solutions to sponsors' challenges. We anticipate that our challenge will lead to innovative policy recommendations to reduce or eliminate diaper need.