Mental health Outreach for MotherS (MOMS) Partnership®


Depression is hard. But it doesn't have to last forever. We help women who have struggled because every mother matters.

The MOMS Partnership® is a program that has successfully reduced depressive symptoms among over-burdened, under-resourced pregnant women, moms, and other adult female caregivers in a family. Launched in New Haven, the MOMS Partnership brings mental health within reach of women, literally meeting them where they are.

With implementation costs that can total as little as $2,000 for each woman served, we are proud to partner with women to generate real results in their lives. Among the results of past evaluations:

  • 78% of MOMS participants complete the program compared to average of 30% nationally of a similar population who adhere to their mental health treatment.
  • 76% of MOMS participants experience a decrease in depressive symptoms from beginning to end of the MOMS program. Of those experiencing a decrease, the average participant experienced a 48% drop in depressive symptoms.
  • MOMS participants have a 67% decrease in parenting stress from beginning to end of the MOMS program.
  • Children of MOMS participants attend 6 more days of school per year compared to children of non-participants.
  • The percentage of women working at least 15 hours a week dramatically increases after participating in the MOMS Partnership - from 15% at time of enrollment to 39% at six months after graduating from MOMS.

It is a privilege to partner with the women we serve.

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The Latest From Moms

MOMS Partnership® chosen to participate in Early Futures
September 12, 2018

The MOMS Partnership® is honored to have been selected to participate in Early Futures, an innovative community of social entrepreneurs, funders, and experts invested in early childhood development and well-being.

Early Futures, co-hosted by Promise Venture Studio, Omidyar Network, and Sesame Workshop, brings together early childhood investors and funders, industry experts, and potential customers at a first-of-its-kind gathering in November 2018. In the months leading up to the event, MOMS and other participants will receive expert mentorship and coaching from Promise Venture Studio.

This opportunity supports the MOMS Partnership as the organization embarks to implement MOMS in additional locations, which will provide for the advancement of mental health as a pathway to economic and social mobility for more families across the country.

MOMS looks forward to learning from both mentors and peers in the Early Futures network and to building meaningful connections across the social innovation community.