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Research and Scholarship

Insanity Acquittees in Connecticut

Madelon Baranoski, Howard Zonana, and Josephine Buchanan study the population of persons who have been acquitted because of mental disease or defect. Connecticut is one of three states that have statutory review, oversight, and reporting of persons after their insanity acquittal. The Connecticut Psychiatric Security Review Board with a statutory mandate to protect the public from risk from behaviors of acquittees has had a major effect on the use and aftermath of the insanity defense in Connecticut. The aftercare and release to the community present challenges for the mental health and judicial systems and the community.


Lewis M, Scott D, Baranoski M, Buchanan J, Griffith E. Prototypes of intrafamily homicide and serious assault among insanity acquittees. J Am Acad Psychiatry Law (1998) 26, 37–48.