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Welcome to the Division of Law and Psychiatry Website

Welcome to the Law and Psychiatry Division website. I invite you to use this site to explore forensic psychiatry and psychology and to learn about our program at Yale. The history of our Division is long and distinguished.

In the early 1970s, I started my career as junior faculty in the Yale Department of Psychiatry. It was a time of legislative change for persons with mental disorders and I had the opportunity to consult to the Yale Law School faculty and students who had begun to represent patients at the state psychiatric hospitals for civil commitment hearings. These early consultations launched the Division of Law and Psychiatry at Yale.

Thirty years later the Division is a premier forensic psychiatry center where academic excellence in education and research, the delivery of expert forensic evaluations and consultation, and the participation in mental health policy and legislative development converge. The Division’s faculty has educated nearly 120 forensic psychiatrists who have become directors of programs and have participated in shaping forensic psychiatry policies and practices.

In Connecticut, we have consulted on all major legislation regarding mental health law, and nationally we have served as experts in high profile cases. As founder and director, I have had the privilege of educating and working with leaders in the field. Forensic psychiatry and our Division continue to evolve in scope and complexity in response to the advances in psychiatric and neurological science and the modifications in law.

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