Investigating the Use of Pharmacologic and Behavioral Treatments in Malaysia

During her CASE rotation, Dr. Emily Tejani worked with Drs. Richard Schottenfeld and Marek Chawarski as part of their research group investigating the use of pharmacologic and behavioral treatments for opioid dependence in Malaysia. As part of this project, she spent a month in Malaysia learning about the heroin and HIV epidemic in the region, and participated in meetings with their collaborators in order to better understand the unique aspects of conducting a clinical trial internationally.

Dr. Tejani was also able to develop an independent project, which involved describing methods of heroin and amphetamine administration in Malaysia and investigating how these have changed over time since the introduction of heroin to the country. She was fortunate to attend a regional conference on opioid use and to learn from clinicians and researchers throughout East Asia and the South Pacific.

She remarks, "I came away with a deeper understanding of substance abuse issues in the region and a level of compassion and commitment to those struggling with these disorders that would not have been possible without this experience."

Dr. Emily Tejani, Yale Psychiatry Resident