Reflections on Time Abroad

Both residents and faculty at Yale have rewarding experiences abroad exploring mental health throughout the world. Throughout Asia and Latin America to Africa, Yale psychiatrists are learning from other psychiatrists while bringing their own expertise to these regions. We have begun to highlight only a few of the many exciting Global Mental health experiences that have been possible here at Yale.

Reflections on Global Mental Health Experiences

Kunmi Sobowale

"I was fortunate to receive the Yale Global Mental Health Scholarship continue working with partners in Danang, Vietnam."

Nikhil Gupta

"While at Yale, I have been able and encouraged to pursue my GMH interests which I came into the residency with."

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Exploring cultural definitions of childhood physical abuse

A resident returns to Changsha, China to explore cultural definitions of childhood physical abuse.


Practice at the Forefront of Global Health

"Traveling to Chiapas, Mexico was a marked experience in my professional and personal lives. Meeting and connecting with the local residents and working with young men and women that...


Changing Perceptions of Global Medicine

"Overall, the experience in the global mental health project in Sierra Leone, has undoubtedly changed my life and worldview, not only on how psychiatry is practiced, but how medicine on a...


Analyzing Data on Mental Health Delivery and Recovery

A resident conducts a thematic analysis of qualitative data on mental health delivery and recovery. The findings will help mental health programs in Nepal improve health and socioeconomic...


Investigating the Use of Pharmacologic and Behavioral Treatments in Malaysia

"I came away with a deeper understanding of substance abuse issues in the region and a level of compassion and commitment to those struggling with these disorders that would not have been...


A Cross-Cultural Experience in the Psychiatric Wards of Changsha, China

"The experience provided me the opportunity to see how similar and yet how varied psychiatric presentations and treatments are across the globe. In Xiangya hospital, drug company pens and...


A Resident's Experience in Learning Stress Resilience

"It was an unforgettable experience from my residency training and my professional life. I learned more from those earthquake survivors than any textbooks and papers that I have read. I am...


An Externship to Thailand Teaches Important Lessons and Expands a Doctor's Perspective

"'Sawasdee,' a traditional Thai salutation meaning both 'hello' and 'goodbye', continues to echo through my head each time I think about my international psychiatry externship during my 2nd...