Symposium, Elective, and Affiliated Courses

Global Mental Health Elective

Sample titles from the Global Mental Health Program seminar series. See the Department's Calendar of Events for current offerings.

  • "Research methods in Global Mental Health (& Social Network Analysis as a Case Study)"
  • "The HAPPINESS Pilot Project: Integrating mental health into primary care in Nigeria"
  • "Putting the Pieces Together: Leadership in Global Settings"
  • "A Public Psychiatry Approach to Immigrant Mental Health"
  • "Mental Healthcare in Haiti After the Earthquake"
  • "Pathology or Normal Human Experience? Assessing Depression in the Indigenous Populations of Latin America"
  • "Mental Health and Psychosocial Support for Children Affected by Political Violence"
  • "Upholding the Rights of the Youngest Citizens of the World: Survival, Development, Protection and Participation"
  • "The Origin and Globalization of Cocaine"
  • "Community Re-entry Challenges of HIV Positive Prisoners in Argentina"
  • "Defining Mental Health and Psychosocial in the WHO - IASC Guidelines"
  • "Iraqi Refugees: Pre- and Post-Resettlement Mental Health Issues"
  • "The epidemics of substance abuse and HIV in Asia: Can Research Influence Health Care Policy?"
  • "Psychopharmacology and the Political Economy of Global Psychiatry"
  • "The Genetics of Substance Abuse in the Northern Thai Hill Tribes"
  • "The Politics of Mental Illness During the Military Dictatorship in Argentina, 1976-1983"
  • "Hikikomori (Social Withdrawal) and the Creation of a Japanese 'Culture-Bound Syndrome'"
  • "Psychiatry in India: What are the Challenges in Resource Poor Settings?"

Affiliated Didactics, Courses, and Electives Within the Department of Psychiatry

Many of the Department's core didactics, courses, and electives are relevant to residents pursuing training in the Global Mental Health Program:

  • Cultural Competency Workshop
  • Social Psychiatry Camp – Includes a class on disability, PSR (evidenced based psychosocial rehab), and recovery movement
  • Homelessness workshop
  • Biopsychosocial Course for PGY1's
  • Yale Resident Course – own group affiliations, neighborhoods in New Haven, how demographics (race, ethnicity, legal status, etc…) affect how the person interacts with the healthcare system
  • Refugee Mental Health (Department elective)
  • Religion, Spirituality and Worldview in Psychiatry (Department elective)
Yale Global Mental Health Program

Yale Department of Psychiatry faculty and trainees at the recent Yale Global Mental Health Program (YGMHP) symposium.