Symposium, Elective, and Affiliated Courses

Global Mental Health Elective

Sample titles from the Global Mental Health Program seminar series. See the Department's Calendar of Events for current offerings.

  • "Research methods in Global Mental Health (& Social Network Analysis as a Case Study)"
  • "The HAPPINESS Pilot Project: Integrating mental health into primary care in Nigeria"
  • "Putting the Pieces Together: Leadership in Global Settings"
  • "A Public Psychiatry Approach to Immigrant Mental Health"
  • "Mental Healthcare in Haiti After the Earthquake"
  • "Pathology or Normal Human Experience? Assessing Depression in the Indigenous Populations of Latin America"
  • "Mental Health and Psychosocial Support for Children Affected by Political Violence"
  • "Upholding the Rights of the Youngest Citizens of the World: Survival, Development, Protection and Participation"
  • "The Origin and Globalization of Cocaine"
  • "Community Re-entry Challenges of HIV Positive Prisoners in Argentina"
  • "Defining Mental Health and Psychosocial in the WHO - IASC Guidelines"
  • "Iraqi Refugees: Pre- and Post-Resettlement Mental Health Issues"
  • "The epidemics of substance abuse and HIV in Asia: Can Research Influence Health Care Policy?"
  • "Psychopharmacology and the Political Economy of Global Psychiatry"
  • "The Genetics of Substance Abuse in the Northern Thai Hill Tribes"
  • "The Politics of Mental Illness During the Military Dictatorship in Argentina, 1976-1983"
  • "Hikikomori (Social Withdrawal) and the Creation of a Japanese 'Culture-Bound Syndrome'"
  • "Psychiatry in India: What are the Challenges in Resource Poor Settings?"