Submit an abstract to present at the 10th Anniversary Conference, "Global Mental Health Research Without Borders

Researchers are invited to submit abstracts to present original and innovative global mental health research at the Global Mental Health Research conference. The conference will take place on 8-9 April 2019, at the Natcher Center, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, United States.

The conference will be co-hosted by the NIMH Center for Global Mental Health Research and Grand Challenges Canada to showcase findings from cutting-edge science and identify opportunities for groundbreaking research to address the grand challenges in global mental health. The grand challenges, identified in 2011, are research priorities for achieving mental health equity worldwide, with focused attention on low- and middle-income countries and other low-resource settings. The grand challenges span the research pipeline from preclinical questions about etiology, to translational questions about developing more effective preventive and treatment interventions, to service delivery and implementation questions. These challenges require global cooperation to share research expertise, facilitate data sharing and use of common measures, amplify research capacity-building opportunities, and involve the full range of the world’s researchers, populations, environments, and cultures.

Presentation Types: We invite abstract submissions for three presentation types: Symposium, paper, or poster.

  • Symposium - A symposium comprises a group of paper presentations that focus on a single topic or theme. Each symposium will have a total of 90 minutes (70 minutes for paper presentations, 20 minutes for discussion). A symposium may have up to five presenters, including a chair/moderator. To highlight diverse perspectives and feedback on the research, we highly encourage inclusion of one or more presenters/discussants who: (a) represent a developing country or low-resource setting; (b) are a provider, an individual with lived experience of mental illness, an advocate, or a policymaker; or (c) represent the perspectives of an underserved community or population in a developing country or other low-resource setting.
  • Paper - A paper presentation will involve one speaker who will have 10 minutes to present. Conference organizers may cluster individual paper presentations into various panels, based on research topics.
  • Poster - We invite graduate students, trainees, postdocs, and early-career investigators (i.e., within 10 years of terminal degree) to submit an abstract to present a research poster (36 x 60 inches maximum size) at the conference poster session (day and time to be determined). Conference organizers will award a limited number of travel stipends for poster presenters from low- and middle-income countries receiving the highest review scores.

Abstract submissions should include the following information:

  • Presentation type: Symposium, paper, or poster
  • Track(s)
  • Title
  • Presenter name(s), degree(s), affiliation(s), and email address(es) for all presenters
  • Research objective(s); study method; summary of study findings; and implications for future research, practice, and/or policy, especially in low-resource settings
  • Primary funding source

Abstract Review: The criteria listed below will be used by an independent panel to review and score abstracts. Submissions with the best scores will be selected for presentations at the conference.

  • Importance of research objective(s)
  • Relevance to the conference theme and designated track(s)
  • Innovativeness of ideas, methods and or approach
  • Rigor of scientific methods and approach
  • Presentation of findings
  • Implications for future research, practice and/or policy

Dr. Mario Pagenel Global Mental Health Delivery Fellowship
The Dr. Mario Pagenel Fellowship in Global Mental Health Delivery provides an opportunity for career development in global mental health service delivery and research for post-graduate psychiatrists. Fellows develop expertise in the field while working in Haiti or Rwanda with Partners In Health (PIH) and in collaboration with the Harvard Medical School Department of Global Health and Social Medicine. Applications for the Dr. Mario Pagenel Global Health Fellowship in Haiti and Rwanda are currently being accepted. All application deadline has been extended to March 1st for a Summer 2019 start date. Apply now!

The Geneva Challenge 2019: The Challenges of Global Health - Call for Proposals
The Geneva Challenge aims to encourage interdisciplinary problem solving analysis among master students on advancing human development within the scope of a relevant topic. Global Health is a defining challenge of tomorrow’s world and is a critical concern for both developing and developed countries. As the key to this issue is an interdisciplinary solution, crossing traditional boundaries between academic disciplines, we are inviting Master students from all academic programmes and from anywhere in the world to provide helpful strategic recommendations. Five prizes, one per continent, we will be distributed. Registrations close on 24th March 2019. Submission due by 15th July 2019.

APA-IUPSYS Global Mental Health Fellowship
APA and the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS) invite applications for the APA-IUPsyS Global Mental Health Fellowship with the World Health Organization.
Deadline: April 30, 2019
Click here for more information.