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DC MOMS Partnership℠

Elevate is partnering with the DC Department of Human Services to replicate MOMS through the DC Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

Women in the District have been able to participate in MOMS’ services since April 2019.

DC TANF Report

In a process unique to D.C., Elevate partnered with DC DHS to analyze surveys from over 565 DC customers receiving TANF to see how families were impacted by a policy change designed to better serve parents and children. Elevate’s analysis of this 2-Gen policy provided insights that help DHS and MOMS best meet the needs of families in the D.C. area.

For example, we found that the majority of customers actually screened positive for depressive symptoms indicative of clinical depression (60%) despite nearly half reporting their emotional health as “Excellent” or “Good.”

In our final report “Embracing 2-Gen: Findings from the District of Columbia’s TANF Survey,” we describe both the details of our findings and recommendations for how this information can guide future initiatives. For more information, click here.