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Welcome to Elevate: A Policy Lab to Elevate Mental Health and Disrupt Poverty

Strengthening mental health means strengthening families.

That’s why we aim to elevate mental health as a public sector strategy to disrupt poverty. We work with government partners in the U.S. to advance family mental health as a pathway to economic and social mobility, thereby helping to interrupt the cycle of intergenerational poverty.

An arrow contains a silhouette of a head with gears inside and the label “Improve Mental Health.” It points to a second arrow with an icon of sailboat and the words “Increase Family Stability.” This points to a third arrow with an icon of a rocket ship and the words “Improve Economic and Social Mobility.”

The opportunity to help families move forward is vast.

Take, for example, the results of the MOMS Partnership®, a program focused on reducing depressive symptoms among overburdened, under-resourced mothers that Elevate is scaling with government partners:

  • 78% of MOMS participants complete the program compared to average of 30% nationally of a similar population who adhere to their mental health treatment.
  • 76% of MOMS participants experience a decrease in depressive symptoms from beginning to end of the MOMS program. Of those experiencing a decrease, the average participant experienced a 48% drop in depressive symptoms.
  • MOMS participants have a 67% decrease in parenting stress, correlated with Adverse Childhood Experiences, from beginning to end of the MOMS program.
A photograph shows a woman sitting on the floor, smiling and holding a children’s book. Her daughter, a toddler, stands next to her and looks at the book while holding open the pages.