Yale Psychiatry Wellness Initiative

In recognition of the challenging nature of our work as health care providers, the Yale Psychiatry Wellness Initiative seeks to provide opportunities to residents, faculty, and staff that will promote physical and mental health and wellness, as well as foster an increased sense of community within the residency and department.

The wellness initiative provides the residency program and department with an array of community wellness opportunities. Our faculty, residents, and their families boast a variety of talents and interests. We believe that these are some of our community's richest assets. Much like our academic electives provide enrichment to our clinical endeavors, wellness electives provide enrichment to our life endeavors. The idea of "wellness" may mean something different to each of us. We aim to facilitate health in our community in each of these different ways.

Although medicine is an incredibly rewarding field, taking care of patients, and the extensive time commitments that come with it, can be emotionally and physically exhausting. It can be easy to forget about wellness, let alone balance, in our own lives. In particular for residents, the difficulty in adjusting to the high-stakes responsibilities can be particularly taxing. At its worst, many residents in programs across the country experience significant anxiety and depression. In fact, this subject has garnered national attention in recent years due to studies showing a high prevalence of these conditions in residents, particularly interns.

Just as we've taken a pledge to enter a profession in which we will care for others, so too should we take a pledge to care for ourselves. We are asked to be leaders, to be role models, to be many things to many people. How can we lead our patients toward healthy and balanced lives when we do not model these behaviors in our own lives? This is all the more critical in psychiatry, where we are charged with caring for patients who often lack these critical skills in self care.


Social get-togethers (Brunch and Walk): Flavia DeSouza (PGY 1)

Farm-to-table Restaurants and Cooking Events: Luming Li (PGY 3)

Parent Play Dates: Andi Diaz-Stransky (PGY 3)

Dim sum and Other Asian Culinary Delights: Karsten Heil (PGY 4)

Exercise/Meditative Practices

Hiking: Amanda Sun (PGY 2)

Running: David Saunders (PGY 2)

Soccer, Meditation: Nikhil Gupta (PGY 2)

Biking: Luming Li (PGY 3)

Yoga: Rachel Katz (PGY 4)


Art outings (New Haven museums, galleries): Emma Lo (PGY 2)

Fairytale Storytelling: Ryan Wallace: (PGY 3)

Literary Group: Joao Paulo De Aquino and Stephanie Ng (PGY 3)

Music Events/Jammerz: Jordan Sloshower (PGY 3) and Kali Cyrus (PGY 4)

Psych and Cinema: Various residents