A Day in the Life of a PGY-4 Resident


My Background

Hello, my name is Ish and I am a fourth year resident at Yale. I’m from a small town called Findlay, Ohio, which is between Toledo and Columbus. I had an inkling that I wanted to become a doctor in high school, but wasn’t ready to commit just yet. I went to Case Western Reserve University for college, where I studied Management with a banking and finance concentration along with the pre-medical curriculum. After college, I deferred admission to medical school for almost two years to work for Accenture in Washington, DC as a consulting analyst. I decided to come back to Ohio for medical school and quickly realized that psychiatry was the field for me. This turned out to be a great decision, as I met my wife in medical school; she is now a Radiology resident at Yale.

Why I Chose Yale

I quickly realized during my residency interviews that I was not sure exactly what kind of a psychiatrist I wanted to be. Academic? Community-focused? Administrative? Interviewers and others that I came across at Yale seemed genuinely interested in helping me decide on what I wanted and brainstormed how Yale’s rich community (inside and outside the medical school) could help me get there. I also appreciated the department’s diverse clinical settings where we rotate in a federal setting (West Haven VA), community-based (Connecticut Mental Health Center), private hospital (Yale-New Haven Hospital), and a unique opportunity to work with Yale students in the long term clinic and Yale Health Plan. The Department of Psychiatry is well respected within the medical school, which helps promote a collegial interaction with other residents and departments.

My Schedule

The rumors are true – PGY-4 year is the promise-land! This year, I chose to work as a unit chief resident of the psychiatric emergency room at the VA. I work with autonomy and help supervise a group of medical students, junior residents, and other trainees. I also get to work with an interdisciplinary group of APRN’s, nurses, and techs to come up with treatment plans. I also chose to keep a small group of patients who I see for psychotherapy and med management in addition to doing research and other projects that I started earlier in residency. As an added bonus, I get to teach medical students on their psychiatry rotation using a simulated case, which has been quite rewarding.

Life as a Fourth Year Resident

Excellent! This year is all about honing in on skills that will prepare me for my career as a psychiatrist. I have great career mentors and clinical/research supervisors that have known me for several years who have helped me excel academically as well as understand my own tendencies too and how that impacts my clinical decisions.

On the weekends and sometimes after work, I play golf at the Yale Golf course or take the <2 hour train to New York City to hang out and visit friends.

Where I Live

My wife and I live in a residential neighborhood called Westville. We can easily afford a large 2 bedroom apartment here with our salaries. It’s an easy 10-minute drive to downtown New Haven and the VA in West Haven.

My favorite Yale and New Haven Cultural Activities

For being a smaller town, New Haven has plenty of great restaurants. We really like getting ice cream at Ashley’s or getting drinks at one of the many downtown bars.

Final Thoughts

Yale’s residency program and department are large, meaning there are many resources for us. This is a great program for self-motivated applicants who may or may not have a specific interest within psychiatry before starting residency. I recommend the program whole-heartedly, and please contact me if I can help!