Dr. Noah Capurso, 2015 Graduate

Noah Capurso

Hello! My name is Noah Capurso, and I’m one of the inpatient attendings at the VA. I arrived in New Haven as medical student in 2006…and I never left! I’ve been at Yale for medical school, residency, a fellowship in Addiction Psychiatry, and, now, for my first clinical job.

Why I Chose Yale

I was sold on the Department of Psychiatry the day I met Dr. Rohrbaugh, who personally arranged a customized sub-internship experience based on my interests. The breadth of experience, passion, and warmth of the faculty impressed me during residency, and the size of the department ensured that there were experts in any field or aspect of psychiatry that caught my interest.

What I'm Working on Now

In addition to my clinical work at the VA, I am focusing on medical education, mostly in areas related to substance abuse. I teach courses on harm reduction, naloxone education, and motivational interviewing for medical students.

Favorite Things to do in New Haven

My wife and I love exploring the less well known corners of Connecticut and beyond. New Haven is a great place to live; it has all the benefits of urban life (walkability, culture, diversity), easy access to beautiful countryside, is home to one of the world’s great universities, and is close to one of the world’s greatest cities (New York, obviously!). Hope to see you here soon.