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Fellowship Structure

Clinical Experience

Fellows spend 50% effort providing direct clinical services and/or consultation within public psychiatry mental health settings in need of bilingual/bicultural psychiatrists. The sites may include the Hispanic Clinic of CMHC, Community Forensic Services, other CMHC clinical sites, Greater Bridgeport Community Mental Health Center, Connecticut Valley Hospital and/or other community settings, such as an integrated care experience in a primary care clinic at Yale New Haven Hospital.

Didactic Experience

Fellows spend 50% effort (20 hours per week) participating in didactics and experiential learning to increase the scientific foundation to address mental health care for Latinx communities.

Main Seminars and Supervision

  • Seminar on Recovery-Oriented Services
  • Seminar on Forensic Psychiatry
  • Supervision with experts in Cultural Psychiatry
  • Supervision with experts on administration and policy in mental health
  • Mentorship to develop a research or quality improvement project
  • According to the fellows’ interest a concentration on Substance Use, Specialized treatment of early Psychosis, Psychotherapy for Latinx communities, Refugee Clinic exposure or other related experience(s) could be arranged.

Clinical Rotations

  • Hispanic Clinic, CMHC
  • Hispanic Clinic at Greater Bridgeport Community Mental Health Center
  • Other DMHAS mental health sites in need of psychiatric care to Latinx patients

Research and Scholarship

Fellows are expected to develop and complete a health-disparities, recovery-oriented project aiming to improve clinical care and safety of ethnic minority populations. They will choose a mentor who will oversee the development, implementation, and dissemination of the findings. The aim will be to present the project at a national meeting and to write a manuscript suitable for publication.