Given the overall training goal of the fellowship program, to train future addiction psychiatrists, many of whom will function in academic settings, imparting teaching skills is of some importance. Fellows learn teaching skills by observing faculty teach and by gradually assuming responsibility for teaching functions, under the supervision of the faculty. 

During initial training, fellows observe faculty in various teaching settings, including seminars and lectures for medical students and psychiatry residents and lectures and presentations delivered at other medical schools, hospitals, and national meetings. 

The core teaching experience occurs on the inpatient unit of the VA hospital. For 2 months, each advance addiction psychiatry resident meets weekly with the Yale psychiatry interns in order provide education regarding the neurobiology, pharmacology & behavioral aspects of addiction.  Focus is placed on evidence-based treatments for addiction as elucidated by literature review.  The advanced resident leads these roundtable discussions with the support of an attending addiction psychiatrist.