We encourage all residents to learn and participate in the academic life at Yale. This includes, but is not limited to involvement in ongoing research projects, development of lectures or presentation for the Department of Psychiatry, the Medical Center or for National Meetings. For those residents who are more interested in research or in pursing an academic career, there exists the opportunity to develop, implement, and conduct a substance abuse-related research project under a faculty mentor and present the results at a scientific meeting and/or submit for publication... It is expected that, with faculty input, a project could be developed and completed in the twelve-month training period and submitted for presentation or publication.

Some examples of recent scholarly projects include:

  • Trevisan L, Balchand K*, Benga I*, Oyamade A*, Acampora G.  "Geriatric Substance Abuse: Recognition, Assessment and Treatment in the Clinical Setting".  30th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Research Society on Alcoholism, Chicago, IL, July 7-11, 2007
  • Drew S*, Trevisan L, W K. Treating Substance Abuse in Older Patients.  Current Psychiatry, in press
  • Rush W* and Ramos R*.  Physicians and Addictions. Lecture disseminated at Yale Medical School for residency program training directors and their faculty on how to recognize and treat addition in physicians. 
  • Arnaout B* and Petrakis IL.  Diagnosis of Comorbid Drug Use in Patients with Alcohol Use Disorders. Alcohol Research & Health, 2008; 31(2): 148-154.
  • Edens E*, Massa A*, Petrakis I.  Novel pharmacological approaches to drug abuse treatment.  The Behavioural Neuroscience of Drug Addiction, D. Self and J. Staley (eds.)  in press.
  • Balachandra K*, and Petrakis I.  Setting up a Buprenorphine Clinic: One year later. Addictive Disorders & Their Treatment, 2005; 4(3) 111-116.
  • Dickerson D*, Pittman B, Ralevski E, Perrino A, Limoncelli D, Edgecombe J, Acampora G, Krystal J, Petrakis I.  Ethanol-like effects of thiopental and ketamine in healthy humans.  Journal of Psychopharmacology, in press. (2008 Nov 21 [Epub ahead of print])

* Indicates addiction psychiatry resident