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News and Articles by the Addiction Psychiatry Fellows

"Podcast: Finding Our Voice" by Sanya Virani, MD, MPH

"Call for Action to Address MH Disparities Impacting Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders" by Peter Na, MD, MPH

"Prevalence, risk and protective factors associated with suicidal ideation during the COVID-19 pandemic in U.S. military veterans with pre-existing psychiatric conditions" by Peter Na, MD, MPH

Ryan Wade, MD, Addiction Psychiatry Fellow, hosted the Addiction Education Seminar on September 23. The title of his talk was “Stigma in Substance Use Disorders: An Overview of History, Policy and Language.”

"Addiction, Race, and the Structurally Vulnerable" by Oluwole Jegede, MD, MPH

"Building Outreach and Diversity in the Field of Addictions" by Ayana Jordan, MD, PhD, and Oluwole Jegede, MD, MPH

"The Perils of a Pandemic: Challenges Faced by Addiction Services" by Sanya Virani, MD, MPH

"Perceived Barriers to Access Care, Anticipated Discrimination and Structural Vulnerability Among African Americans with Substance Use Disorders" by Oluwole Jegede, MD

"Clinical Characteristics, Hospital Course, and Outcomes Among COVID-19 Positive Patients With Mental Illness in a Community Hospital in New York City" by Oluwole Jegede, Abhinandan Anand Raman, Benjamin Tiongson, Pavani Reddy Garlapati, Jason Hershberger, and Vijay Gayam