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The Connecticut Mental Health Center's LGBTQ+ committee, GenSIS, conducted a series of Zoom interviews in June 2020. Four Connecticut guests shared their stories in interviews by Walker Keenan, Jillian Celentano, and Melissa Dennis.

Credit for these videos go to CMHC's LGBTQ+ committee - Jillian Celentano, Bob Cole, Melissa Dennis, Swapnil Gupta, Nathan Ha, Glendaly Valle-Izquierdo, Jeanne LeBlanc, Andrea Mendiola, Defna Paltin, Jeff Pollito, Erica Reshard, and Tim Van Deusen.

June 4, 2020: Tyrell Cooper

June 11, 2020: Stefan Simanovich

June 18, 2020: Kristi Straub

June 25, 2020: KC Councilor