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Godfrey D Pearlson, MA, MBBS
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Biological Pathways Implicated in Common Across AOD,  Paired Stimulus Processing & Resting EEG

Various electrophysiological abnormalities were investigated in BSNIP including the P 300 evoked potential, responses to paired acoustic stimuli and resting state EEG patterns. All were analyzed using parallel independent component analysis, similar to the example above and resulting biological pathways implicated by the gene components compared for overlap among all three electrophysiological measures. Interestingly, a relatively small number of processes was implicated including development migration and maturation of cortical neurons, and neuronal signal generation and amplification. These findings strongly support a neurodevelopmental model of psychotic illnesses.

Psychosis risk genes related to aberrant resting functional MRI patterns

Illustration from a PNAS paper, describing results from BSNIP (see above), using parallel independent component analysis.Figure shows SNP components related to functional MRI default mode components that distinguished psychotic patients from healthy controls.results show the functional significance in terms of gene ontology/biologic implications of putative psychosis risk genes related to abnormal functional brain activity patterns in individuals with psychotic illnesses. He