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Michael Strambler, PhD

YaleEVAL Faculty

Associate Professor of Psychiatry; Director, Child Wellbeing and Education Research

Michael Strambler, PhD, directs TCC’s Child Wellbeing and Education Research as well as the Partnership for Early Education Research (PEER). His work focuses on school-based applied research and evaluation, especially among children and youth. As director of PEER, he works with CT local and state-level partners in evaluating practices and programs that have practical significance to early childhood practitioners and policymakers. This, and much of his other work, focuses on producing and using evidence for decision-making. Mike also leads several evaluation and measurement efforts focused on social and emotional learning (SEL). He is especially interested in the measurement of SEL implementation practices and their link to student outcomes. He has a strong background in quantitative analysis and currently teaches a postdoctoral seminar on research methods and data analysis. Mike received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from University of California, Berkeley and is currently an Associate Professor in the Division of Prevention and Community Research at the Yale School of Medicine.