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Joy S. Kaufman, PhD

YaleEVAL Faculty

Professor of Psychiatry; Deputy Director, The Consultation Center, Psychiatry

Joy S. Kaufman, PhD, joined TCC in 1992 as a psychology intern and currently serves as TCC’s Deputy Director. Her work focuses on evaluating programs and service delivery systems including working with stakeholders to use data to inform program and policy development. A unique feature of her work is training community members to evaluate the services they receive and to utilize data so that they can provide rigorous and systematic feedback to improve services and participate in decision-making about their community. Currently Joy is overseeing the evaluation of Connecticut’s Children’s Behavioral Health Network of Care (CONNECT), leading a National Institute of Justice funded national evaluation of two promising practices to reduce domestic violence homicide, providing evaluation consultation to state departments and community organizations to enhance their capacity to collect and utilize evaluation data, and partnering with consumers of behavioral health services to conduct evaluations with the goal of enhancing the services they receive. Joy received her Ph.D. in clinical and community psychology from DePaul University. She is a licensed psychologist who has an appointment as a Professor of Psychiatry at Yale’s School of Medicine.