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Joanna Meyer, MAT

YaleEVAL Senior Consultant

Assistant Director of Child Wellbeing and Education Research

Joanna Meyer, MAT, joined TCC in 2014 and currently serves as Assistant Director of Child Well-Being and Education Research. She also co-directs the Partnership for Early Education Research (PEER). In her projects, she aims to partner with education stakeholders to conduct research and evaluation studies that can inform the improvement of education systems and practices. Joanna’s interests include educational equity, early childhood education, the transition to K-12 education, family engagement, social-emotional learning, multilingual learners, and STEM education. Before coming to TCC, Joanna spent two years with the Maine Physical Sciences Partnership, a 5-year science education initiative based at the University of Maine with funding from the National Science Foundation. She also has 10 years of experience as an educator, both in the public-school setting (grades 6-12) and in non-traditional settings (grades K-8 and ages 16-24).