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Jacob Tebes, PhD

YaleEVAL Faculty

Professor of Psychiatry (Psychology), in the Child Study Center and of Public Health (Social and Behavioral Sciences); Director, Division of Prevention and Community Research, Department of Psychiatry; Director, The Consultation Center; Chief Psychologist, Connecticut Mental Health Center; Program Director, NIDA T32 Postdoctoral Research Training Program in Substance Abuse Prevention

Jacob (Jack) Tebes, PhD, joined TCC in 1984 and currently serves as the Executive Director. He has 30 years of experience conducting evaluations of child, family, school, and community-based programs and services, and providing consultation and training to build evaluation capacity in government agencies, community and healthcare organizations, and schools. Over the course of his career, he has led a variety of evaluation and evaluation capacity initiatives. For example, he leads a consultant team to build evaluation capacity in nonprofit organizations in Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey through the Building Evaluation Capacity Initiative (BECI) and the Readiness, Implementation, and Sustainability for Effectiveness (RISE) Partnership. He also works closely with community coalitions to implement and evaluate school programs to promote healthy lifestyle choices among New Haven youth and trauma-informed services in schools and communities in Greater Philadelphia. He previously collaborated with City of Philadelphia agencies and local organizations to conduct an arts-based evaluation of Philadelphia neighborhoods, and for several years oversaw evaluation and data analytic capacity initiatives to inform practice and policy for the Rhode Island Data Analytic Center, a public-academic partnership between Yale and Rhode Island DCYF. He is a clinical/community psychologist and Professor of Psychiatry (Psychology), Child Study, and Public Health, Yale University, and Director of the Division of Prevention and Community Research in the Department of Psychiatry.