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  • Elizabeth Connors

    Elizabeth H. Connors, PhD, is an Evaluation Consultant with YaleEVAL. Her research is driven by the central principle of improving access to high-quality mental health promotion and intervention for underserved children, adolescents, young adults and their families in critical access points such as schools and primary care settings. As such, much of her research focuses on the dissemination and implementation of evidence-based practices in settings where children’s mental health concerns are most likely to be identified and addressed.

  • Cindy Crusto

    Cindy A. Crusto, Ph.D., is a Senior Evaluation Consultant with YaleEVAL. She has experience training community organizations in program evaluation, and has conducted evaluations of early childhood systems, school readiness, young children’s exposure to trauma, college awareness and readiness, youth substance use, and systems of care. Cindy was chair of the American Evaluation Association Task Force that developed the AEA Public Statement on Cultural Competence in Evaluation.

    For more information about Cindy, visit her Yale University faculty page.

  • Derrick M Gordon

    Derrick Gordon, Ph.D., is a Senior Evaluation Consultant with YaleEVAL. His work focuses on men and families, particularly on adult and adolescent fatherhood, mentoring adolescents who are gang involved, transitions from prison to the community, and health care access and the use of preventive health care services. Derrick’s work with men and families is often centered on enhancing men’s health and their positive involvement in family and community life.

    For more information about Derrick, visit his Yale University faculty page.

  • Amy Griffin

    Amy Griffin, MA, is a Senior Evaluation Consultant with YaleEVAL and Director of Health Evaluation Initiatives at The Consultation Center. She has experience providing consultation on the development and implementation of program evaluations to nonprofit agencies, coalitions, foundations, and local and state departments. Amy has a Master’s degree in Communications, advanced graduate training in Family and Child Ecology, and expertise providing technical assistance and training to state departments and community-based organizations.

    For more information about Amy, visit her Yale University profile page.

  • Joy S. Kaufman

    Joy S. Kaufman, PhD, is a Senior Evaluation Consultant with YaleEVAL and the Deputy Director at The Consultation Center. Trained as a clinical and community psychologist, Joy has experience conducting program evaluations, needs assessments, and evaluations of service delivery systems. She has provided consultation and technical assistance to state departments regarding the development of evaluation strategies for community providers, training and technical assistance to community-based organizations to implement mandated reporting requirements, and utilizes data to inform program and policy development.

    For more information about Joy, visit her Yale University faculty page.

  • Patricia Simon

    Patricia Simon, PhD, is an Evaluation Consultant with YaleEVAL. Her evaluation research focuses on substance use and academic problems among middle and high school students, particularly with low-income and racial/ethnic minorities. Patricia also has experience using motivational interviewing to facilitate academic advising.

    For more information about Patricia, visit her Yale University faculty page.

  • Michael Strambler

    Michael Strambler, PhD, is a Senior Evaluation Consultant with YaleEVAL. He has experience conducting program evaluations and applied research in schools, from preschool to post secondary levels. Mike focuses on the role of social environments in the academic, psychological, and social well being of children and youth; how schools can improve the academic performance of children; and approaches for using data to inform practice.

    For more information about Mike, visit his Yale University faculty page.

  • Tami Sullivan

    Tami Sullivan, PhD, is a Senior Evaluation Consultant with YaleEVAL. Tami works with victims of intimate partner violence (IPV) and conducts research and evaluations aimed at improving their well being. Her work centers on individual- and system-level factors that affect the mental and physical health of victims of IPV. She seeks to identify risk and protective factors for IPV, develop and evaluate related interventions for IPV in community settings, and understand the capacity of systems (e.g., criminal justice and health service systems) to meet the needs of IPV-exposed women.

    For more information about Tami, visit her Yale University faculty page.

  • Jacob Tebes

    Jacob K. Tebes, PhD, is a Senior Evaluation Consultant with YaleEVAL and the Executive Director of The Consultation Center. He has experience conducting child, youth, family, school, and community-based evaluations. Recent major evaluations that Jack has led include: the Rhode Data Analytic Center, a public-academic partnership between Rhode Island DCYF and Yale that uses evaluation data to inform practice and policy; the Porch Light Evaluation, an arts-based, comparative evaluation of Philadelphia neighborhoods; and an evaluation of interdisciplinary team science through a Yale-based research consortium. He currently directs: the evaluation of the Positive Youth Development Coalitions Initiative in collaboration with the New Haven Public Schools and the New Haven Prevention Council; the evaluation of the Pottstown Trauma-Informed Community Connection (PTICC) in collaboration with the Pottstown School District, The Scattergood Foundation, and the PTICC coalition of organizations; and the Building Evaluation Capacity Initiative, a program of consultation and training to build evaluation capacity in organizations in Greater Philadelphia, which recently expanded through a regional funder's collaborative as the RISE Partnership. 

    For more information about Jack, visit his Yale University faculty page.