Consulting and Management Services


The Yale Behavioral Health (YBH) Consulting and Management Service is part of the Yale School of Medicine and its Department of Psychiatry. It operates under the direction of Yale Faculty members who are national leaders in behavioral health. Yale experts will provide an analysis of an agency’s clinical and business practices and help develop a strategic plan for the future. This plan can be used for more traditional agency growth or to meet regulatory requirements as set forth in formal state and federal consent orders. Yale faculty and staff can stay engaged with an agency over time to consult on implementation of the strategic plans or to assist in resolving the issues outlined in consent orders. Specific consultative services include the following: organizational assessment and strategic planning; CEO coaching; board training and development; staff development; compliance services focused on organizational risk and regulatory review; and turnaround management.


Scott Migdole, MSW, LCSW
Chief Operating Officer, Yale Behavioral Health
Assistant Clinical Professor
Yale Department of Psychiatry
55 Church Street, Suite 403
New Haven, CT 06510
Phone: 203-927-4767