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Course Objectives

This conference will provide a forum for professionals, individuals with lived BPD experience, and family members to better understand prevention and early intervention for Borderline Personality Disorder. By completion of the conference, participants will be able to:

  • Apply a gender minority stress framework when considering borderline personality symptoms among transgender and gender-diverse people.
  • Tailor evidence-based interventions for borderline personality disorder based on a gender minority stress framework.
  • Describe what the scientific literature tells us about the occupational identity issues of persons with BPD and their impact on daily life functioning and participation.
  • Present a case example that integrates the application of useful tools to enable reflection and discussion about occupational identity components and daily life functioning.
  • Share a preliminary version of our work integration intervention program for persons with BPD.
  • Identify key Cross-Cultural Conceptual frameworks on for work with consumers in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy-Accepting the Challenges to Exiting the System (DBT-ACES), a second-stage treatment focused on employment and economic self- sufficiency.
  • Describe principles of using Cultural Dialectics in DBT as a middle path of understanding Culture and Identity.
  • Name 3 best practices that focus on culture, identity and dialectical strategies in the delivery of DBT and DBT-ACES to multicultural clients.
  • Describe how racial identity, class, gender identity, and sexuality can enrich theoretical models of BPD.
  • Explain the impact of distal structural factors such as wealth and racial inequality on the development of BPD.
  • Identify skills for culturally adapting evidence-based treatments for BPD.

Conference Details

16th Annual Yale National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder Conference: BPD and the Search for Self - Exploring Issues of Diversity and History

Friday, May 1, 2020
9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Harkness Auditorium
Sterling Hall of Medicine
333 Cedar Street
New Haven, CT

Featured presenters: Frank Yeomans, MD, PhD; Alex Keuroghlian, PhD; Nadine Larivière, OT (C), PhD; Lisa Bolden, PsyD; Daniel Gaztambide, PsyD

Co-provided by
National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder
Yale Department of Psychiatry
Yale New Haven Psychiatric Hospital
Yale Instruction/Investigation/Intervention in Emotional Lability and Dysregulation (YIELD)

Sponsored by
Clearview Treatment Programs

Registration Fees

  • Professional Early Bird: $130.00 (by April 3)
  • Professional: $150.00
  • Family Member: $50.00
  • Consumer: $25.00
  • Trainee: $50.00 (Yale and Yale New Haven Hospital trainees please email

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