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The ADVANCE Study at Yale is a treatment study examining the use of Varenicline (Chantix) to reduce alcohol consumption.

We are looking for heavy drinkers who smoke cigarettes and would like to reduce or stop drinking.

All treatment is strictly confidential and free of charge. If eligible, you can earn up to $525 for participating.

Click the links above to obtain more information regarding the Advance Study, and to see if you’re eligible.

HIC #1106008598
Sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and Yale School of Medicine

How to participate

Call us:

Take a web Survey:
Take a web survey to find out if you're eligible

If you would like us to contact you:
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1 Long Wharf Drive, SATU, Box 18, New Haven, CT, 06511

Stephanie O'Malley, PhD / What it means to discover: A researcher's perspective

Stephanie O'Malley, PhD, is Director of the Division of Substance Abuse Research in Psychiatry. Her research was instrumental in the current use of naltrexone for alcohol dependence and she is currently conducting clinical trials to determine if other medications might be effective in reducing alcohol consumption.

Sandra Trevino, LCSW / What it means to discover: A researcher's perspective

Sandra Trevino, LCSW, is the executive director for JUNTA for Progressive Action, New Haven's oldest Latino community based non-profit organization. JUNTA is partnering with Yale to raise awareness about the importance of participating in clinical research in order to address health disparities in the Hispanic community.