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Yunhua (Cindy) Bao, MD

Associate Research Scientist


Research Interests: Stem cell (ESC, iPSC); Neural and Skeletal muscle differentiation; Patient samples; Disease; Transgenic
1. Modeling human neuronal and muscular genetic disorder via induced pluripotent stem cells
2. Manipulation of the Transgenic mice through microinjection
3. Study pathogenesis and mechanisms using human and transgenic mouse models
Expertise:Specialized in Transgenic mouse manipulation(overexpression and knockout mice); Mouse embryonic stem cell and induced pluripotent stem cell generation and maintenance; In Utero cell injection into mouse embryos brain and liver; Cell and molecular biology
Selected Publications:
Peng W, Bao Y, Sawicki J. Epithelial Cell-Targeted Transgene Expression Enables Isolation of Cyan Fluorescenct Protein (CFP)- Expressing Prostate Stem/Progenitor Cells. The Journal of Transgenic Research 2011 Jan (10)

Huang Y, Bao Y, Peng W, Goldberg M, Love K, Mumcrot D, Langer R, Anderson D, Sawicki JA. Clauding-3 gene silencing with smal interfering RNA suppresses ovarian tumor growth and metastasis. PNAS 2009 106:3426-3430

Peng W, Anderson D, Bao Y, Padera Jr R, Langer R, Sawicki JA. Nanoparticulate Dilivery of Suicide DNA to Murine Prostate and Prostate Tumor. Prostate 2007; 67:855-862

Bao Y, Peng W, Verbitsky A, Chen J, Wu L, Rauren KA, Sawicki JA. Huam Coxsckie Adenovirus Receptor (CAR) Expression in Transgenic Mouse Prostate Tumor Enhances Adenoviral Delivery of Genes. Prostate 2005; 64:401-407

Peng W, Verbitsky A, Bao Y, Sawicki JA. Regulated expression of diphtheria toxin in prostate cancer cells. Molecular Therapy 2002; 6:537-545.
Li SW, Arita M, Fertala A, Bao Y, Kopen GC, Langsio TK, Hyttinen MM, Helminen HJ, Prockop DJ. Transgenic mice with inactive alleles for procollagen N-proteinase (ADAMTS-2) develop fragile skin and male sterility. Biochemical Journal 2001; 355:271-278.

Li SW, Takanosu M, Arita M, Bao Y, Ren ZX, Maier A, Prockop DJ, Mayne R. Targeted disruption of Col11a2 produces a mild cartilage phenotype in transgenic mice: Comparison with the human disorder otospondylomegaepiphyseal dysplasia (OSMED). Developmental Dynamics 2001; 222:141-152.

Khillan JS, Bao Y. Preparation of animals with a high degree chimerism by one-step co-culture of embryonic stem cells and preimplantation embryos. Biotechniques 1997; 22(3): 544-549.

Education & Training

  • Postdoc
    Shanghai Medical School (1986)
  • MD
    Wenzhou Medical College (1984)

Professional Service

Manipulation of transgenic mouse models. In charge the transgenic core service in Lankenau institute for medical research1999 - 2009

Departments & Organizations