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Susan Durant, BA

Administrative Assistant

Contact Information

Susan Durant, BA


Susan began her career at Yale in the Department of Pathology, where she served as the Residency Program Coordinator for 6 years. She then moved to the Section of Cardiovascular Medicine, in Internal Medicine, where she worked as the Human Resource and Operations Manager for four years. Upon the advice of her Lead Administrator, she shifted to the Geriatric Medicine section in order to gain a couple of years of accounting experience. However, Susan found she preferred interacting with people, rather than crunching numbers, so she accepted a position in the Chair's office in the Department of Neurology. In Neurology, Susan served as an Assistant Administrator for nine years. During this time, she managed the Chair's Office, the Education Office, and Faculty Affairs for the department. The faculty tripled in number during her time there and she gained critical supervisory experience during this phase of her career. In 2020, she embarked on a new role as an Administrative Assistant in the YSM Department of Communications.

Education & Training

  • BA
    Florida Atlantic University, Health Administration (1984)

Departments & Organizations