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Stephanie Thrower

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Stephanie Thrower


Dr. Stephanie Thrower is a licensed counseling psychologist who provides psychotherapy to individuals during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, as well as the span of motherhood.  She is a graduate of Boston College's doctoral program in Counseling Psychology.  In addition, she received her masters in Mental Health Counseling from Boston College and Applied Sport Psychology from John F. Kennedy University.  Her clinical training includes providing inpatient and outpatient therapy in a Veteran hospital, a community healthcare center, a college mental health center, and schools.

Working in perinatal mental health combines many of her interests including women’s health, social justice and racial identity, the mind-body connection, performance psychology, attachment, and career identity development. Her private practice focuses on supporting clients to seek purpose and fulfillment at the intersection of motherhood and vocation. She is experienced in researching and training providers to be more racially and culturally responsive, particularly White therapists and supervisors. The phenomenal mentorship from Dr. Janet Helms was crucial for Dr. Thrower to develop expertise in applying the Racial Identity Social Interaction Model to the institutional and relational context of training therapists.

Stephanie aims to offer a supportive, validating, and empowering relationship for her clients.  She primarily draws from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in her clinical work, but also has extensive training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy. She values connecting client's with resources, supporting increased knowledge about themselves, and bolstering skill development to improve self-advocacy and stress management.