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Morgan Levine, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pathology and Epidemiology (Chronic Diseases)



Morgan Levine is a ladder-rank Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology at the Yale School of Medicine and a member of both the Yale Combined Program in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, and the Yale Center for Research on Aging. The overall goals of her lab are to:

1) Quantify the biological aging process that underlies the etiology of diseases ranging from cancer to Alzheimer's.

2) Discover mechanisms of aging that can be targeted to delay or prevent disease and extend life expectancy.

Her work relies on an interdisciplinary approach, integrating theories and methods from bioinformatics, cellular biology, and biostatistics to track trajectories aging cells, tissues, and organisms take through time. As PI or co-Investigator on multiple NIH-, Foundation-, and University-funded projects, she has extensive experience using systems-level and machine learning approaches to track epigenetic, transcriptomic, and proteomic changes with aging and incorporate this information to develop biomarkers of aging and disease risk.

Education & Training

  • Postdoctoral Fellow
    UCLA (2017)
  • PhD
    University of Southern California, Gerontology (2015)

Departments & Organizations