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Mary Peng


Mary L. Peng is a second-year Master of Public Health student in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the Yale School of Public Health. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Global Studies, Philosophy, and Anthropology from the University of Virginia in 2021. Peng is deeply passionate about bridging different disciplines, such as art, technology, clinical neuroscience, and social and behavioral sciences, to advance individual and population health. With a primary focus on neurological-psychiatric disorders, Peng's work explores human health and health justice through technological, artistic, and design strategies while seeking to create diagnosis-driven and prevention-driven user-centered digital solutions for vulnerable populations. Her current health informatics research revolves around psychiatric well-being improvement and explores the integration of machine learning to augment digital health interventions. Peng also has years of experience conducting cultural ethnography, and is currently working on qualitative method review for implementation science research. As a self-taught artist featured by Adobe Photoshop and multiple digital galleries, Peng is committed to blending the landscapes of art and science to improve people's cognitive and mental health. 

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Education & Training

  • MPH
    Yale Unviersity, Social and Behavrioal Sciences (2023)
  • BA
    University of Virginia, Global Studies, Anthropology, Philosophy (2021)