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Carla Kalvin

Assistant Professor of Clinical Child Psychology

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Carla Kalvin



Carla Kalvin is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Child Psychology in the lab of Dr. Denis Sukhodolsky. Carla received her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Penn State University, where she studied the social-emotional correlates and developmental trajectories of aggressive behavior, as well as the use of school-based intervention to prevent the development of conduct disorder in high-risk youth. Carla’s current research focuses on 1) mechanisms underlying the development of disruptive behaviors, anxiety, and neurodevelopmental disorders in children and adolescents and 2) cognitive-behavioral interventions for children with these disorders. Currently, Carla is examining the emotional and behavioral difficulties of children with ASD (e.g., anger, anxiety), as well as the use of cognitive-behavioral interventions for these populations. Carla also serves as a clinician on the lab’s clinical trial of CBT for irritability in children with ASD. Carla is a graduate of the NIMH T32 Research Training Program directed by Dr. Michael Crowley.

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