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Anis Barmada

Contact Information

Anis Barmada


Growing up in Damascus, Syria, Anis immigrated to the United States when he was seventeen years old in September 2015. Completing his senior year at Wheeling High School in the U.S., he enrolled at the University of Illinois Chicago pursuing a bachelor's degree with a double major in biology and chemistry and a minor in mathematics. Fascinated by the immense potential in developing novel analytical chemical and mathematical tools to solve pressing biomedical problems, he conducted research on diabetic eye disease while volunteering at an ophthalmology clinic to serve patients of the same life-changing, blindness-causing disease conditions. After graduating, he then pursued an MPhil in Genomic Medicine at the University of Cambridge in the UK, while conducting research at the Wellcome Sanger Institute investigating altered immune responses in COVID-19 patients with pre-existing autoimmune conditions using single-cell multi-omics. Anis hopes to advance biochemical and computational technologies to address currently incurable diseases, as well as contribute to the crafting of a new era of healthcare without disparities.

Education & Training

  • BS (Hon)
    University of Illinois at Chicago, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics (2020)