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Abhinav Seth, MD, PhD

Associate Research Scientist

Contact Information

Abhinav Seth, MD, PhD
Abhinav Seth
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Dr. Seth obtained his BA and MA from Harvard University in 1998 and began his MD/PhD training at Rockefeller-Cornell before transferring with his research mentor to complete his degrees at University of Texas Southwestern in 2007. He came to Yale for residency in Internal Medicine and joined the Section of rheumatology for his fellowship in 2010. Dr. Seth has considerable success in his training years including Thomas Temple Hoope’s Prize for best undergraduate thesis at Harvard, and a patent from his Master’s work, with publication of 6 manuscripts, including a first author paper in the top-ranked Journal of Cell Biology on actin assembly. Dr. Seth received numerous undergraduate and graduate research fellowships and was the recipient of an ACR REF Scientist Development Award in 2013, with funding through 2016. He has been mentored by Dr. Craft as he hones his skills in genetic analysis of cell development, and function of Tfh cells in immunity and autoimmunity.

Education & Training

  • MD
    University of Texas Southwestern Medical School (2007)
  • PhD
    University of Texas Southwestern Medical School (2007)
  • MA
    Harvard College (1998)
  • Residency
    Yale New Haven Hospital
  • Board Certification
    AB of Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine (2010)
  • Board Certification
    AB of Internal Medicine, Rheumatology (2015)

Departments & Organizations