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Faith Lamb-Parker

Supervisor of Research/Principal Investigator


Faith Lamb-Parker, PhD, focuses her research on early childhood intervention, specifically Head Start; mental health needs of vulnerable children; parent education and involvement in their children's education; community/neighborhood factors that influence children's school achievement; and innovative staff-focused mental health interventions for young children and their families. She created a research-to-practice journal for the National Head Start Association, the NHSA Dialog, and has authored numerous articles and chapters on Head Start, child outcomes, parent involvement, and advocacy strategies for very young children and their families. Since 2001, Dr. Lamb-Parker has been teaching and training internationally where she has co-developed the first ever masters-level program in child development in Bangladesh, and given training and technical assistance to a number of Early Childhood Development NGOs in South Africa. Dr. Lamb-Parker presents at national and international professional meetings on her international community-based participatory research, training, and advocacy focus on the health, mental health, and development of infants and young children and their caregivers in rural black townships in South Africa. In addition to teaching courses on child development and social policy, Dr. Lamb-Parker runs tutorials, independent studies, and seminars; as well as directs the domestic practicum program for the department. She is the scientific director of Head Start's Tenth National Research Conference, funded by DHHS/ACF/OPRE, to promote evidence-based practice and policy for young children and their families.

Education & Training

  • PhD
    Yale University