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Stephanie Robinson

President and CEO

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Stephanie Robinson


Founded and operated primarily by people of color and women, The Jamestown Project consists of scholars, activists, and communities who use five broad strategies to achieve our mission: generating new ideas; promoting meaningful public conversations and engagement; cultivating new leaders; formulating political strategy and public policy; and using cutting-edge communications techniques that reach a broad public.

Ms. Robinson is also a Lecturer on Law at the Harvard Law School and former Chief Counsel to Senator Edward M. Kennedy. She is a nationally recognized expert on issues relating to social policy, women, race, family, and electoral politics. Ms. Robinson is a frequent speaker at professional conferences, meetings, and student lectures. Her views have been expressed in countless media outlets including the Associated Press, The Washington Post, C-Span, National Journal, National Public Radio, The Baltimore Sun, CN8, and Fox News.

As a political and legal analyst, Ms. Robinson has spoken on topics as varied as faith and policy, the War in Iraq, the political participation and voting trends of African Americans and women, and advancing democracy, economic liberty, and the human rights of women, ethnic and religious minorities around the world. Ms. Robinson is also a principal of the Robinson Sullivan Group, LLC (RSG), a consulting firm that provides comprehensive political and policy strategy. In this role, she provides legislative analysis and advice on the federal legislative process, manages and builds coalitions, and provides advice on constitutional and criminal justice policy and procedure.

Ms. Robinson has been instrumental in her work with The Covenant with Black America – the New York Times bestselling book. She contributed to the Covenant In Action the second New York Times bestselling book in the Covenant series and is working on the third book – Accountable: Making the Covenant Real. In building momentum for everyday people to engage and dictate their own circumstances by inspiring them to become agents of change in their own lives, Ms. Robinson’s work begins with participatory democracy in America with an aim of global participation and meaningful connections with citizens of the world.