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Edith B. Jackson

Former faculty

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Edith B. Jackson


Years active at Yale: 1923-1959

Dr. Jackson is being recognized as a pioneer in the treatment of infants and young children. She was a faculty member of the Yale Department of Pediatrics from 1923 to 1959, and responsible for many of the advances in the care of infants and children throughout the world. She became well-known for her work in trying to humanize the delivery of services to children and families in hospitals and other human services institutions. She is best known for her success in establishing rooming-in for newborns so that they could be as close as possible to their mothers from the beginning. Throughout her life, Dr. Jackson was committed to providing the most sensitive care to parents and children.

The Edith B. Jackson Child Care Program remains as a living memorial to her lifetime commitment to the welfare of infants and children.