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Andy Carmone


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Andy Carmone


Years active at Yale: YSPH Class of 1998

Andy Carmone is being recognized for her dedication to and excellence in public health. She has lived and worked in low-income communities for multiple years, despite hardship and sacrifice, both personal and professional. Trained as a nurse midwife and public health professional, she offers a unique perspective on health systems design and evaluation and global health delivery, particularly among rural and remote populations. She has over 20 years of experience in resource-limited settings such as: Cameroon, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malawi, the Navajo Nation, Papua New Guinea, and New Mexico (U.S.). She has worked intensively to design public health interventions that focus on the decentralization of high-quality HIV, TB, maternal, and child health, as well as conduct research and leverage evidence to inform policy. She was instrumental in developing research to improve clinical outcomes and the quality of care for thousands of women, children, and families across Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

Since 2006, Carmone has been engaged in efforts to rebuild health systems in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, some of the most remote populations in the world. Her work spans technical assistance and guidance to local and international health programs, including guidance on protocols, tools, and technology adoption in areas such as family health, essential medicines, vaccine delivery, HIV, TB, and women's sexual and reproductive health. She has co-authored papers in a variety of peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of AIDS. She serves as clinical director on the Clinton Health Access Initiative's Clinical Sciences Team and is also the co-founder of Indigenous Health Solutions, a non-profit organization focused on integrated delivery of health, development, and conservation programs in Papua New Guinea.