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Yale School of Medicine Education Priorities 2021

May 05, 2021
by Jessica Illuzzi

Yale School of Medicine Education Priorities 2021

After four months of speaking with and hearing from many of you, I have compiled a preliminary list of priorities for medical education. There are still more of you to meet and hear from, so these priorities will be refined and developed further in the months ahead. The list, not in order of importance, includes:

                        1. Developing innovative approaches to medical education that are irrevocably engaging and compelling, enhanced by increased use of simulation and evolving technologies and resources.
                        2. Improving how we recognize, value, and promote participation in our educational mission, including funded protected time for key educational roles and contributions and clearer guidelines about promotion for clinician educators.
                        3. Increasing the health equity content across our curricula and developing our faculty in regard to this content, focusing not only on what we teach, but how we educate ourselves and our trainees.
                        4. Further empowering our learners to meaningfully monitor their progress across their curricula, so that they arrive at residency or their first position knowledgeable, competent, and equipped for the challenge of life-long, self-directed learning and patient care.
                        5. Providing more individualized support, coaching, and mentoring to our learners, recognizing their diverse backgrounds and needs.
                        6. Developing and implementing new strategies to increase and support diversity among our learners, faculty, and staff.
                        7. Continuing to strongly embrace scientific inquiry and research, while expanding opportunities for all types of research across disciplines, including projects that address social determinants of health and health equity.
                        8. Promoting further collaboration in educating our trainees across sciences, disciplines, and professions, including our Physician Associate, Physician Assistant Online, MD, and PhD programs and our colleagues from Yale School of Public Health, Yale School of Nursing, and Yale New Haven Health, to promote mutual respect and teamwork in caring for our patients with empathy, humility, and compassion.
                        9. Supporting and increasing engagement with our community and our patients considering societal circumstances that may impact their health, including racism and bias, and fostering a commitment to address health disparities through research, advocacy, and clinical care.
                        10. Evaluating and improving our curricula, pedagogies, and means of assessment through a carefully designed continuous quality improvement process.
                        11. Creating an inclusive and affirming environment with an ethos of respect, mutual support, and professionalism that provides resources to support wellness and community building.

                        Submitted by Abigail Roth on May 04, 2021