Recent Pharmacology Theses

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Here is a list of students who have recently defended their Ph.D. Thesis in Pharmacology, along with a brief description of their thesis work.

02/12/18 Elizabeth Mo - Augmentors are in vivo ligands to the ALK family of receptor tyrosine kinases: function and evolution

03/01/18 Tomoaki Sasaki - Characterization of APOBEC3 Family Proteins as Potent DNA Mutators in Human Cancers

09/10/18 David E. Puleo - Targeting the Mutant JAK2 V617F Tyrosine Kinase by Small Molecules that Bind to its Pseudokinase Domain

09/12/18 Lie Ma - Elucidation of the Activated State of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor

09/27/18 Daniel Iwamoto - Structural basis of the filamin A actin-binding domain interaction with F-actin

10/05/18 Molly Ryan - Understanding the Consequences of Oncogenic FGFR Mutations on Drug Resistance, Signaling, and Tumorigenesis

09/26/17 Chad Miller - Comprehensive Profiling of a Kinase Family Defines Features Essential for Selective Substrate Targeting

11/30/2016 Amelia Luciano - The Role of Akt1 & Clock S845 phosphorylation in Circadian Regulated Transcriptional Rhythms

09/23/2016 Allison Goldberg - An Exosite Required for Efficient Targeting of MAP Kinase Kinases by the Metalloproteinase Antrax Lethal Factor

08/12/2016 Yagmur Muftuoglu - Mechanisms of substrate specificity and insights into activation of phosphatidylionositol phosphate kinases

06/02/2016 Andrea Mislak - Insights into the Activity, Resistance, and Toxicity of Antivirals Targeting HIV Reverse Transcriptase

02/23/16 Phillip Murray - Discovery and Characterization of Ligands for the Receptor Tyrosine Kinase ALK: AUG-alpha, AUG-beta and Heparin

12/10/15 Yifei Yang - Molecular basis for Polycystin- 2 channel regulation and assembly its C-terminal tail

12/08/15 Jacqueline Heiss - Prion Protein Regulates Amyloid- Beta Dendritic Spine Pathology in a Mouse model if Alzheimer's Disease

10/15/15 Celeste Greer - Histone Deacetylases Positively Regulate Transcriptional Elongation

2/24/15 Oriana Fisher - Structural studies of Cerebral Cavernous Malformations 2 (CCM2) reveal the basis for its interactions with protein binding

2/18/13 Catherine Chen - Functional re-engineering of protein kinase specificity

10/30/12 Nilda Alicea Velazquez - Guided studies of SHP-1 phosphatase substrate recognition

6/15/12 Michelle Mo - The role of NCS-1 in chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy

8/23/11 Fatih Mercan - SHP-2 is Required for Nutrient-Mediated Calcium Activation of S6 Kinase 1

3/26/11 Yao Cheng - Mechanistic Studies of the Anti-Hepatitis C Activity of a Novel Class of Tetraphenylporphyrins

1/28/11 Alicia Koblansky - Characterization of a novel Toll-like Receptor, TLR12, in the host-pathogen immunse response to Apicomplexan parasites

10/21/10 Genevieve Ko - Probing the physiological function of epsin isoforms

9/2/10 Jasmine Escalera – Role of TRPA1 in Cutaneous Irritant Sensing and Contact Dermatitis

8/13/10 Mayra Garcia - Regulation of Hepatitis B Virus Replication by the Ubiquitin-Proteasome Pathway

3/2/10 Jiae Kim - Determining the Role of Viral and Cellular Proteins in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type-1 Replication

1/15/10 David Harburger - Structure/function analysis of the kindlin family proteins.