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Yasmin Zakiniaeiz, PhD receives NIDA travel award and will chair Full Symposium at CPDD Meeting

May 31, 2019

Yasmin Zakiniaeiz, PhD, National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) T32 Postdoctoral Fellow, was awarded the NIDA Director’s Travel Award to attend the 81st Annual College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD) 2019 Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. This award recognizes outstanding work in addiction research by a young investigator. In addition, Yasmin has organized a Full Symposium showcasing human neuroimaging and behavioral studies of tobacco-smoking cue-reactivity and the influence of acute stress, biological sex/hormones, and novel interventions. She will be chairing this Full Symposium as well as presenting her work on sex differences in subjective effects of cigarette-smoking following nicotine patch. Yasmin joined the PET Center in July 2018 under the mentorship of Evan Morris.

Submitted by Angel Machon on May 31, 2019