Pascal Ackermann, BSc

Postgraduate Fellow in Pediatrics


I am a postgraduate student of Computer Science at RWTH Aachen, Germany working at Yale School of Medicine as a postgraduate fellow for the time of January '18 until July '18. 

Focus of my work at Yale are Computer Vision tasks such as 3D flow reconstruction and particle tracking in optical coherence tomography (OCT) data which will be the subject of my master thesis.

I primarily have experience in Machine Learning, Java/Android and MATLAB development and have been working in the medical domain since May '17.   

Education & Training

BSc RWTH Aachen University, Computer Science (2015)

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Contact Info

Pascal Ackermann, BSc
Mailing Address
207 Bishop Street
New Haven, Connecticut 06511

Curriculum Vitae

Heat maps representing suitability of various EEG channels for automatic emotion recognition using EEG.

Topographic heat maps showing how many features based on particular EEG channels were chosen during mRMR feature selection for the top N features. The color green represents none selected and dark red that many were chosen. This was part of the evaluation of several Machine Learning methods for automatic emotion recognition using EEG data.