George Agogo

Postdoctoral Associate

Departments & Organizations

Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (ADRC)


I am a well-trained biostatistician with a wealth of experience in statistical methodologies, modeling and applications. I hold a PhD  in Biostatistics from Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands and MSc in Biostatistics from Hasselt University, Belgium. My research experience is further enhanced by my current role as a postdoctoral research Biostatistician at Yale School of Medicine, USA. My research interests are in the following areas: longitudinal data analysis, categorical data analysis, analysis of correlated data, survival data analysis, analysis of missing data, joint modeling of time-to-event and longitudinal health outcomes, measurement error adjustment methods, Bayesian data analysis, propensity scoring methods for observational studies, design and analysis of clinical  and epidemiological studies. My current research work involves developing absolute risk calculator for older adults with multiple chronic conditions and in handling missing data in longitudinal studies of older adults with dementia.

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