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The Yale Child Study Center Anxiety Disorders Program provides clinical services, education and training. Clinical Services: Our clinic specializes in the evaluation, treatment, and follow-up of individuals with Anxiety Disorders and related difficulties.

Clinical Services:

  • Evaluation and Consultation Service: Our comprehensive evaluation focuses on diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment recommendations.
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Service: Over the past several years, a growing body of research has shown that cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) can be highly effective in the treatment of anxiety disorders. In offering these services to children and adolescents, an initial evaluation is conducted to gain an understanding of the childs individual presentation and needs in order to determine if CBT is an appropriate treatment approach. If so, treatment is generally provided on a weekly basis over a period of three to six months. For OCD and anxiety, the treatment is centered on exposure and, for OCD, ritual prevention.

We also offer participation through Research Opportunities. Participation is contingent on meeting specific screening criteria. 


  • Evidence Based Therapy Seminar: Under the leadership of Dr. Eli Lebowitz (Messer Post-Doctoral Fellow) a weekly seminar for fellows in child psychiatry (6), social work (1), and behavioral pediatric (1) covers Evidence-Based Therapies (including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Biofeedback, etc) for childhood anxiety disorders. The course is co-taught by Drs. Lebowitz, Vitulano, Sukhodolsky, and King. · Anxiety Disorder Clinic Teaching: Child psychiatry fellows, general psychiatry residents, and medical students on elective participate in the weekly Anxiety disorder clinic meeting, case conference, and evaluations.
  • Public presentations: Drs. King, Lebowitz, and Crowley each offered several well-attended presentations for the general public at the Branford Public Library and the Greenwich Hospital on childhood anxiety and parenting the anxious child.  Drs. King and Lebowitz also presented on recent advances in understanding and treating childhood anxiety to an audience of about 90 pediatricians and primary care providers as part of the Child Study Center Centennial presentation at West Campus, West Haven.  Please see our calendar for upcoming events.  


The Anxiety Disorder Program remains active in utilizing the inter-disciplinary resources of the Yale Child Study Center to develop training for medical and mental health professionals in the assessment and treatment of childhood anxiety disorders, disseminating information to the general public, advancing collaborative research, and providing direct clinical services to children and families affected with these disorders.

  • Development of Psychology Track in Childhood Anxiety Disorders: The Child Study Center Psychology Training Program is one of the most competitive in the country.  In collaboration with the training program faculty, we have developed a two-year Childhood Anxiety Disorder specialty track in the program [other tracks include Autism, Trauma, Pediatric Psychology].  The initial recruitment announcement drew many very competitive applicants and we were pleased to match with our top choice, Caroline Adelman.
  • Behavioral Activation Training Program: In collaboration with Drs. Carl Lejuez (Yale Stress Center) and Larry Vitulano, we are working on disseminating a behavioral technique called behavioral activation to improve patient engagement in behavioral therapy for anxiety and related disorders.  Initial collaborations have included discussions with colleagues in Turkey and at Walter Reed Army Hospital.
  • Professional training activities: Dr. King provides lectures and workshops Yale Medical Students and Adult and Child Psychiatry trainees and a core seminar for the University College (London)/Yale Masters program in Developmental Neuroscience that include topics on anxiety and related disorders.

Anxiety & Mood Disorders Program Leadership

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Wendy Silverman, PhD, ABPP

Director of the Program for Anxiety Disorders

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