Center for RNA Science and Medicine, Yale

General Information

These are extremely exciting times in RNA science, and Yale has led the way in this area. Over the past few decades, researchers have discovered that RNA, previously under appreciated, is intricately involved in multiple areas of biology, including those like development and cell survival, that go awry in disease. In addition, scientists have discovered that much of the genome of organisms, from bacteria to humans, actually codes for RNA molecules. Some have referred to these as “the dark matter of the genome”. We are just beginning to realize how little we understood about our genomes, yet, already, many of these new RNA examples have emerged as diagnostics and therapeutics in medicine.

Yale is poised to make these applications a reality for patients. The YCRSM is a world-leading, top notch Center, using cutting edge technology to revolutionize medicine in the future. It has been only a few decades since the discovery that RNA is more than just the cellular messenger. The past 10 years has seen Yale researchers pave the way in the discovery of many new RNAs and roles for RNAs. RNA targets in disease are likely to soon become a dominant model for therapeutics. Yale has the strongest RNA community in the world and currently has two faculty members with Nobel prizes in this area. We have a rich history and strong current research in RNA science and we have the collective expertise to make world-class discoveries in therapeutics and medicine. While RNA-based therapeutics and RNA-targeting molecules are just taking off, the YCRSM is capitalizing on our cross-disciplinary expertise to remain leaders in this area.